Hardfacing Electrodes

ES 65 W  / EN 14700: E Fe 4


ES 65 W It is a basic electrode. It gives a Mo alloyed, high speed steel type weld metal. Deposited metal retains its toughness properties at high temperature enabling the formation of high strength welds, particularly during the hard facing of cutting and punching tools. The deposit is highly resistant to friction, corrosion and impact. The weld metal deposit is equivalent to a high speed steel with increased Mo-content. Re- drying is 300°C-350°C min 2 h. To avoid cracking, the working temperature should be at least 300°C and preferably 400-500°C.

Typical Chemical Composition (%)


Typical Mechanical Properties

Yeild Strength Tensile Strength Elongation 5x D Impact (ISO-V)


It is particularly used for hard facing of cutting and punching tools made of alloyed and un alloyed steels with a hot tool steel structured weld metal, particularly for building-up cutting edges and working surfaces. Part that is going to be welded should be preheated to 400°C - 500°C and small beads should be preferred to inhibit overheating. Machine tools, drilling parts and tools made of high speed steels are among other application areas

Sizes Available & Recomennded Currents

Diam. (mm) Length (mm) Current (Amperes) Arc Voltage Wire Feed

Welding Current

AC, DC+ OCV 65 V

Welding Positions



Hardness (HB)

60 (after double tempering) - 65 (as welded)

Special Coating ( performs several functions)

Typical Base Material Grades