Mild Steels Electrodes

ES 7024 GW A5.1: E 7024 / EN 499: E 42 0 RR 73


ES 7024 GW It is a heavy coated, high efficiency rutile iron powder electrode. It gives a metal recovery of about 180 % due to high iron powder content in its coating. It is particularly suitable for GRAVITY welding of thick plates. It gives smooth weld bead appearance with a soft arc. The slag is easy to remove. Recovery 180.

Typical Chemical Composition (%)


Typical Mechanical Properties

Yeild Strength Tensile Strength Elongation 5x D Impact (ISO-V)
480 N / mm² 550 N / mm² % 25 0°C - 60 J


It is used for the welding of mild steels having a maximum tensile strength of 440 N mm˛, Ana for ordinary ships plate of A- and D- quality. It is an ideal electrode particularly used for welding fillet and butt join in flat and horizontal positions. Machinery fabrication and ship building where smooth weld beads are required; boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing; automotive bodies and steel and bridge constructions are among some application areas where It is extensively used. It brings high efficiency as it is a very high position rate

Sizes Available & Recomennded Currents

Diam. (mm) Length (mm) Current (Amperes) Arc Voltage Wire Feed
4.00 450 180 - 240
5.00 450 250 - 340

Welding Current

C min. 50 V. / DC { - }?

Welding Positions


Hardness (HB)

Special Coating ( performs several functions)

Typical Base Material Grades