Hardfacing Electrodes

ES 400  / EN 14700: EZ Fe 1


ES 400 is An all position rutile/basic coated electrode that produces a machinable martensitic deposit if weld metal is not quenched, Designed for rolling, sliding and metal to metal wear resistance. Good restriking and low spatter. The electrode can be used with the drag or contact welding technique as well as out of position. It gives a weld metal that is resistant to deformations of high rolling forces including metal -to-metal friction. Weld metal is air hard enable and can be machined with carbide cutting tools. Hardness varies with respect to the number of passes and cooling rate. It has about % 115 metal recovery. Re-drying is 300°C min. 2 h.

Typical Chemical Composition (%)


Typical Mechanical Properties

Yeild Strength Tensile Strength Elongation 5x D Impact (ISO-V)


Sizes Available & Recomennded Currents

Diam. (mm) Length (mm) Current (Amperes) Arc Voltage Wire Feed
3.25 350 110 - 140
4.0 450 150 - 190
5.0 450 190 - 260

Welding Current

AC min. 70 V. / DC { + } ?

Welding Positions


Vertical Up

Hardness (HB)

360 - 420 HB

Special Coating ( performs several functions)

Typical Base Material Grades