Stainless Steel Electrodes

ES 308-15 Mo A5.4: E308 Mo-15 / EN 1600: E 20 9 3 B 2 2


ES 308 Mo B IS a basic coated electrode. It gives a filler metal of the Cr-Ni-Mo type that is high (2.5%) in Mn content. Weld beads are highly resistant to sudden impact and cracking due to heat effect.

Typical Chemical Composition (%)


Typical Mechanical Properties

Yeild Strength Tensile Strength Elongation 5x D Impact (ISO-V)
420 N / mm² 620 N / mm² % 38 -20 °C 110 j


It is used for forming a buffer layer for hard facing and joining of armour steel plates, heat treatable steels, different type steels and for steels with poor weld ability.<br> There is no need to apply heat treatment to armour steel plates or after the welding. Inter pass temperature during welding should not exceed 120C. It is also used to form a buffer layer for stress relief before hard facing applications.

Sizes Available & Recomennded Currents

Diam. (mm) Length (mm) Current (Amperes) Arc Voltage Wire Feed

Welding Current

Welding Positions


Hardness (HB)

Special Coating ( performs several functions)

Typical Base Material Grades