Stainless Steel Electrodes

ES 308 H16 A5.4: E 308 H-16 / EN 1600: E199HR42


ES 308 H16 electrodes contain higher carbon over 308 for the welding of austenitic, high carbon 18% Cr – 8% Ni stainless steels such as AISI-304-H. The weld deposit of this electrode contains a 0.04 - 0.08% carbon, which provides higher tensile and creep strengths at elevated temperatures.<br> ES 308H16 electrodes have a high deposition rate resulting in excellent efficiency. This electrode may be used in all positions.<br> ES 308H16 electrodes may be used joint welds in construction parts for chemical engineering and cryogenic applications.

Typical Chemical Composition (%)


Typical Mechanical Properties

Yeild Strength Tensile Strength Elongation 5x D Impact (ISO-V)
440 N / mm² 620 N / mm² % 35 + 20 °C - 80 j


ES 308H16 finds wide use in the fabrication of components made out of AISI 308H type steels that are used for their high tensile strength eg. In Agricultural implements , automobile industries , construction segment.

Sizes Available & Recomennded Currents

Diam. (mm) Length (mm) Current (Amperes) Arc Voltage Wire Feed
2.50 350 50 - 70
3.25 350 65 - 100

Welding Current

DC (+) / AC min. 65V

Welding Positions



Vertical Up

Hardness (HB)

Special Coating ( performs several functions)

Typical Base Material Grades